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Trade is change

Changing customer needs require retailers to continually respond to trends. The emergence of online stores has increased this pressure as online purchasing has become the social norm. Customers expect intuitive user interfaces, barrier-free payment options and fast deliveries. Companies that cannot provide this service face challenges.

Intelligent concepts for retail.

In stationary retail, smart concepts such as showrooming are crucial for success. In a highly competitive market, managers must identify customer needs and trends, develop adaptation strategies and create a positive shopping experience.

Case Studies

Discover current case studies from the area of ​​trade and retail here.

Mechanical Engineering

Turnaround for Romanian manufacturer.

Romanian mechanical engineering company as part of an international holding company.

€18 million, 260 employees

Interim CFO as on-site mentor.

Interim CFO eliminates inefficiencies.

Guide to documentation and process optimization

Increase in EBIT, cash flow, liquidity

Financial turnaround for Romanian manufacturers

Customer challenges:
A Romanian engineering manufacturer faced financial challenges, including poor cash flow management and high operating costs.

SDC intervention:
SDC partners appointed an interim finance director to address inefficiencies and improve financial performance.

Essential measures:

Improved cash flow: Implement strategies for better liquidity planning.

Lower operating costs: Optimize processes and procurement to reduce costs without compromising quality.

Improved reporting: Implement standardized procedures for timely financial insights.

Profit Margin Growth: Optimized financial practices resulted in increased profit margins.

Coaching success:
The Interim Finance Director provided documentation guidance and leveraged financial expertise to streamline processes.

Optimized processes, reduced costs and improved financial management led to a significant increase in the company's financial performance.

SDC support:
Ongoing support from the network of SDC partners ensured access to experts for objective advice and additional resource

Customer benefit:
The company now has greater control over cash flow, lower operating costs, improved profitability and expanded decision-making capabilities. This contributes to long-term stability and growth in a highly competitive market.

Electrical equipment manufacturing

Process optimization for manufacturers of electrical appliances

German manufacturer of electrical appliances with a Romanian subsidiary

€20 million, 310 employees

Reorganization of processes

Interim COO for process optimization and reorganization of production

Training the workforce on processes

Significant improvement in overall performance in terms of quality and delivery reliability

Process optimization at a manufacturer of electrical appliances

To address operational challenges, a German electrical equipment manufacturer appointed an interim COO to oversee process optimization and production reorganization at its Hungarian subsidiary.

Identified challenges:
The Hungarian subsidiary faced problems such as a lack of discipline, insufficient customer focus and a backlog doubling to 1.5 million euros within five months.

SDC approach:
An interim manager with expertise in process optimization and production was appointed to reorganize processes and improve overall performance.

Key findings:
Increased performance: Significant improvement in overall performance with increased production output over nine months.

Reduced discomfort:
Implementing better processing methods resulted in fewer customer complaints and increased satisfaction.

Motivated workforce: Employee motivation was restored through effective communication and training efforts.

Implemented solutions:
The interim manager successfully reorganized processes, significantly reduced the backlog and achieved stable and on-time production, resulting in additional opportunities.

SDC network support:
SDC's ongoing support, through an experienced interim manager, facilitated effective communication with local staff and ensured the success of the project.

Sustainable benefits:
The reorganized processes, improved efficiency and increased employee discipline led to increased productivity, fewer complaints and higher employee motivation, laying the foundation for long-term success and growth.

Fashion industry.

Successful restructuring and scaling of online sales results in significant revenue growth for leading fashion company.

Leading fashion company with a strong presence in brick-and-mortar retail has successfully restructured and optimized its online sales activities.

€ SALES, number of EMPLOYEES:
20 million, 90 employees

SDC-Partners used its expertise in organizational development to optimize the fashion company's online sales capabilities and develop new customer segments.

Under the guidance of SDC-Partner, the fashion company's online sales activities were successfully restructured.

Implement training programs for employees, particularly in the areas of digital marketing, customer service and website management.

The strategic restructuring positioned the fashion company for long-term success by leveraging the growing trend of online shopping in the fashion industry for long-term revenue growth.

Customer overview:
A leading fashion company with a strong brick-and-mortar retail presence sought to redesign its online sales to expand its customer base and increase sales growth.

Challenges in online sales led the company to hire SDC-Partners to restructure and scale its online operations.

SDC approach:
SDC-Partners leveraged its expertise in organizational development to optimize the client's online sales capabilities and develop new customer segments.

Main achievements:
40% increase in sales: The restructuring and targeted marketing led to a significant increase in sales from online channels.

30% improvement in customer acquisition: Digital marketing strategies successfully attracted new customer segments and expanded market reach.

Coaching measures:
Employee training programs have been implemented, with a focus on digital marketing, customer service and website management.

Under SDC Partner's guidance, the company successfully restructured its online sales operations, achieving significant revenue growth, improving customer acquisition, increasing website conversion, and optimizing order fulfillment.

SDC Network Partner Support:
The ongoing support of an SDC leader and their extensive network of partners contributed additional expertise during the restructuring.

Sustainable benefits:
The strategic restructuring positions the fashion company for long-term success by leveraging the growing trend of online shopping in the fashion industry for long-term revenue growth.

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