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Every company needs an optimized financial department. SDC Executive offers holistic and practice-oriented solutions in this area.

Optimization of the value chain in the financial sector.

Finance makes the services of all stages of the value chain and indirect areas transparent, assessable and understandable, which makes them controllable. Finance acts as a higher-level authority over all corporate divisions and subsidiaries of a group. The challenges posed by globalization, crises and digitalization require an appropriate alignment of the finance organization and its instruments. Finance supports decision-makers by ensuring the availability of rational decision-making bases. In addition, the latest requirements in the area of ​​ESG must also be taken into account.

SDC Executive – your partner for holistic, practice-oriented solutions.

Practical solutions

In addition to advice, our experts also take on temporary responsibility. We are there if you need to fill a manager position at short notice or need resources for projects.

Experienced managers with competence

SDC's finance experts have at least 10 years of C-level operational experience in various industries.

Well-rehearsed teams of experts

Our managers are able to work effectively on complex projects in cross-functional SDC partner teams.

We provide support in various financial areas.


SDC's controlling experts are at your side as a partner to achieve your goals and support company management.


The focus here is on liquidity management, processing payment transactions and raising capital through financing and equity measures.


SDC's accounting experts design and support the process of preparing monthly or annual financial statements in your company.

Risk Management

Risk management is central to corporate management. It includes the planning, organization, management and control of measures to identify, evaluate and minimize risks.

Case Studies

Discover current case studies on various finance applications here.

Mechanical Engineering

Turnaround for Romanian manufacturer.

Romanian mechanical engineering company as part of an international holding company.

€18 million, 260 employees

Interim CFO as on-site mentor.

Interim CFO eliminates inefficiencies.

Guide to documentation and process optimization

Increase in EBIT, cash flow, liquidity

Financial turnaround for Romanian manufacturers

Customer challenges:
A Romanian engineering manufacturer faced financial challenges, including poor cash flow management and high operating costs.

SDC intervention:
SDC partners appointed an interim finance director to address inefficiencies and improve financial performance.

Essential measures:

Improved cash flow: Implement strategies for better liquidity planning.

Lower operating costs: Optimize processes and procurement to reduce costs without compromising quality.

Improved reporting: Implement standardized procedures for timely financial insights.

Profit Margin Growth: Optimized financial practices resulted in increased profit margins.

Coaching success:
The Interim Finance Director provided documentation guidance and leveraged financial expertise to streamline processes.

Optimized processes, reduced costs and improved financial management led to a significant increase in the company's financial performance.

SDC support:
Ongoing support from the network of SDC partners ensured access to experts for objective advice and additional resource

Customer benefit:
The company now has greater control over cash flow, lower operating costs, improved profitability and expanded decision-making capabilities. This contributes to long-term stability and growth in a highly competitive market.

The SDC Executive offers comprehensive and practice-oriented solutions.

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