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Optimization of the supply chain value chain.

Founded in 2009 by experienced supply chain managers, our expertise extends from purchasing to material procurement, distribution, logistics and production. The importance of a crisis-proof and stable supply chain is becoming increasingly clear due to factors such as disruption and globalization of supply chains.

Our experts develop tailored solutions, whether through structural improvements or outsourcing parts of your supply chain, to benefit your business. For particularly complex projects, we put together well-coordinated, cross-departmental supply chain expert teams for you.

We provide support in various supply chain areas.

Supply chain optimization in the consumer goods industry.

The supply chain forms the backbone of value creation, regardless of the industry. It enables the provision of marketable services to customers.

Next generation supply chain management

Our special range of services includes outstanding supply chain solutions for the sustainable implementation of the latest ECR/CPFR concepts, i.e. advanced instruments in the supply chain.

Supply chain optimization of the capital goods industry

Sustainable corporate change with people as the key factor for change.

Sales Operations

The uniform customer orientation in marketing (customer journey) emphasizes the growing importance of the operational management of sales and customer service in the value creation process.


The daily challenge of many companies is to provide goods and services at the right time, quantity and quality in the right place. This requires a comprehensive look at your own logistics as well as your partners in the supply chain.


IT systems now control demand orders, compliance with minimum order quantities and price management. There is no longer any room for concern that product development can only produce products whose components can be procured cheaply.


The value chain starts with the delivery of the materials, followed by incoming goods inspection by quality assurance and storage by internal logistics. The actual production of the products only begins afterwards. Intralogistics supplies the different production locations.

Core competencies of our SDC supply chain experts.

Optimization of networks for procurement, production and logistics.

Inventory optimization (WIC) to reduce inventories, release working capital and adapt the safety buffer to the sales situation.

Implementation of Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) or Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR).

Implementation of the necessary controlling tools to effectively manage the supply chain.

Improvement of processes, procedures and structures in purchasing and production.

Realization of concepts by experienced interim managers.

Case Studies

Discover current case studies on various supply chain deployments here.

Automotive - Electronics

Post merger integration and operational excellence: optimization of production and supply chain

Medium-sized manufacturer of automotive electronics in Germany

€112 million, 850 employees

Supply chain management and post-merger integration

Interim COO coordinates measures on site.

Communication about the new process wallpaper

Increase productivity, cash flow and employee satisfaction.

Successful post-merger integration
There Client:
A medium-sized German manufacturer of automotive electronics has taken over a competitor.

Die Situation:
After the acquisition, economic challenges arose from both external factors and internal processes that required immediate action.

SDC approach:
An experienced interim COO has been appointed to lead integration efforts, with a focus on manufacturing, supply chain and post-merger expertise.

Consulting goals:
Optimization of production and supply chain to improve performance holistically.

Main achievements:
Significant improvements in plant productivity and reduced absenteeism.

Implementation of operational measures led to significant optimization.

Sustainable improvements in cash flow and operating results.

Coaching Strategies:
Comprehensive involvement of all stakeholders and transparent communication improved team collaboration.

Strategic solution:
Hiring an interim COO with dual expertise in production and post-merger integration proved crucial. Strong leadership and effective coordination resulted in significant operational improvements that met project objectives.

SDC network partner support:
SDC provided an experienced interim COO and ensured a smooth collaboration through guidance and open communication.

Sustainable customer benefits:
Optimized production and supply chain management positioned the company for sustainable growth. With a focus on operational excellence, the customer is now resilient to challenges, including external disruptions such as the COVID-19 pandemic, driving continued success.

Strengthening supply chain resilience. Manufacturing companies with complex supply chain operations.

Efficient supply chain optimization for sustainable success.

Manufacturing company experiencing global market disruptions hired SDC-Partners to optimize supply chains.

750 million, 2000 employees

Supply Chain Strateg Consultant led initiatives to strengthen resilience and optimize operations.

50% reduction in disruptions, 25% increase in supplier flexibility, 20% improvement in on-time delivery, 15% cost reduction.

SDC-Partners provided supply chain risk assessment training.

Efficient supply chain optimization resulted in increased resilience, reduced disruptions, improved on-time deliveries, cost savings and increased customer satisfaction, positioning the company for long-term success.

Strengthening supply chain resilience.Manufacturing companies with complex supply chain operations.

Customer introduction:
A manufacturing company struggling with global market disruptions hired SDC-Partners to address vulnerabilities in its supply chain operations.

SDC approach:
An SDC partner serving as a supply chain strategist consultant led initiatives to strengthen resilience and optimize operations.

Consulting goals:
50% reduction in disruptions: Strategic measures including supplier diversification and improved communications resulted in a 50% reduction in supply chain disruptions.

25% increase in supplier flexibility: Alternative sourcing options improved supplier flexibility and reduced risks associated with single source dependencies.

20% improvement in on-time delivery: Optimized inventory management resulted in a 20% increase in on-time delivery to efficiently meet customer requirements.

15% Cost Reduction: Optimizing supply chain operations resulted in 15% cost savings through reduced inventory levels and improved resource allocation.

Increased customer satisfaction: More reliable supply chain operations resulted in increased customer satisfaction, minimizing disruption and encouraging repeat business.

Coaching initiatives:
SDC-Partners provided supply chain risk assessment training to enable the company to proactively identify and address vulnerabilities.

Implemented solutions:
Strategic measures such as supplier diversification and optimized processes successfully eliminated fragility, resulting in more efficient production and minimized disruptions.

Support from SDC network partners:
A designated project leader and the shared expertise of SDC network partners ensured a comprehensive approach, supported by industry-specific knowledge.

Sustainable benefits:
The optimized supply chain resulted in increased resilience, reduced disruptions, improved on-time deliveries, cost savings and increased customer satisfaction, positioning the company for long-term success.

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