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Business Transformation with SDC

Companies must be more agile and innovative today to succeed in the market. Business Transformation optimizes internal processes, increases productivity, and reduces costs at the same time.

How Business Transformation makes your company competitive again.

Successful transformation brings about long-term positive development. Our experts implement the new strategy in all company processes and among all employees.

Our industry experts leverage modern technologies and methods to make your company more efficient and competitive.

We support various areas of your organization in business transformation.

Efficiency enhancement

Identification of operational weaknesses in key corporate functions.

M&A / Post Merger Integration

Seamless integration following the merger of two or more separate companies.

Change Management

Sustainable change in the company with people as the central change factor.

Human Resources

Optimal utilization of employee resources: increasing motivation and efficiency for business success.

Case Studies

Discover here current case studies on various business transformation projects.

Service-oriented company.

Successful redesign of customer management leads to sustainable service excellence.

CORPORATE ACTIVITY: Service-oriented company that has successfully redesigned its customer management for service excellence.

€ SALES, number of EMPLOYEES:
150 million, 1400 employees

Experienced interim project manager from SDC-Partners leads the redesign of customer management with a focus on service excellence.

The interim project manager supported the redesign of customer management, provided change management advice and promoted a customer-centric culture.

The interim project manager offered coaching in change management and facilitated the successful redesign through optimized workflows and technology adoption.

The redesign resulted in sustained improvements, including higher customer satisfaction, increased efficiency and improved service quality, with a positive impact on the company's market reputation.

Customer management redesign for service excellence

Customer challenge:
A service-focused company struggled with inefficient customer management, which negatively impacted service quality and customer satisfaction.

SDC intervention:
SDC-Partners appointed an experienced interim project manager to lead service excellence efforts.

Important measures:
Improved service quality: The redesign significantly increased satisfaction, loyalty and customer retention.

Increased efficiency: Optimized processes increased efficiency, reduced response times and accelerated problem resolution.

Increased customer satisfaction: Focus on service excellence improved responsiveness and overall experience for customers.

Coaching and solution:
The interim project manager provided change management advice, facilitating a successful redesign through optimized workflows, technology adoption and a customer-centric culture.

SDC network support:
SDC network partners brought industry expertise and were valuable resources for customer service best practices.

Sustainable benefits:
The redesign resulted in sustained improvements – higher customer satisfaction, increased efficiency and improved service quality – and had a positive impact on the company's market reputation.

Business Transformation: Benefits with SDC

Our experts provide practical solutions across the entire value chain.

Business Transformation Consulting

We are professionals in consulting and aligning manufacturing companies with agile process organizations, using state-of-the-art change management tools and methods.

Interim Manager Business Transformation

Our interim managers support you in successfully implementing transformation approaches, so that new structures are anchored in your company in the long term.

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Associate Partner

Robert Knapp

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Dr. Ottmar Ernst

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