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Automotive & supply industry

The automotive industry is experiencing rapid change due to new technologies and innovative developments such as electromobility and autonomous driving. As one of the most important industries in Germany, it is crucial for companies to adapt their operations in order to remain competitive and take advantage of the opportunities presented by this change. At the same time, the supply industry is facing a fundamental change that is increasingly focused on sustainability.

Optimization of processes, resource efficiency and processes.

SDC offers you the expertise of experienced management professionals to optimize processes, resources and procedures. This allows you to react more flexibly to changing market conditions and position yourself successfully in this dynamic environment.

Case Studies

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Automotive - Electronics

Post merger integration and operational excellence: optimization of production and supply chain

Medium-sized manufacturer of automotive electronics in Germany

€112 million, 850 employees

Supply chain management and post-merger integration

Interim COO coordinates measures on site.

Communication about the new process wallpaper

Increase productivity, cash flow and employee satisfaction.

Successful post-merger integration
There Client:
A medium-sized German manufacturer of automotive electronics has taken over a competitor.

Die Situation:
After the acquisition, economic challenges arose from both external factors and internal processes that required immediate action.

SDC approach:
An experienced interim COO has been appointed to lead integration efforts, with a focus on manufacturing, supply chain and post-merger expertise.

Consulting goals:
Optimization of production and supply chain to improve performance holistically.

Main achievements:
Significant improvements in plant productivity and reduced absenteeism.

Implementation of operational measures led to significant optimization.

Sustainable improvements in cash flow and operating results.

Coaching Strategies:
Comprehensive involvement of all stakeholders and transparent communication improved team collaboration.

Strategic solution:
Hiring an interim COO with dual expertise in production and post-merger integration proved crucial. Strong leadership and effective coordination resulted in significant operational improvements that met project objectives.

SDC network partner support:
SDC provided an experienced interim COO and ensured a smooth collaboration through guidance and open communication.

Sustainable customer benefits:
Optimized production and supply chain management positioned the company for sustainable growth. With a focus on operational excellence, the customer is now resilient to challenges, including external disruptions such as the COVID-19 pandemic, driving continued success.

Organization creation of an off-road OEM in emerging markets, particularly in the automotive sector.

Efficient establishment of an organizational structure enables successful market entry and regional expansion for an off-road OEM in emerging markets.

Off-road OEM in the automotive industry, focus on market entry and regional expansion in emerging markets.

€ SALES, number of EMPLOYEES:
50 million, 750 employees

Strategic Development Company (SDC) led through organizational development for a smooth launch process in unfamiliar markets.

SDC-Partner guided the customer through organizational development to ensure an efficient structure and successful market entry.

Coaching activities included change management for cultural transitions and adaptation to local practices, as well as leadership development for operations in emerging markets.

Successful market entry and sustainable success through an efficient organizational structure, strategic talent acquisition, training and adaptation to local conditions.

Establishing an off-road OEM in emerging markets

Customer overview:
An off-road OEM in the automotive industry sought to enter emerging markets to meet the growing demand for off-road vehicles.

The customer was faced with the task of building a new organizational structure in unknown markets in order to create a solid foundation for successful market penetration.

SDC approach:
SDC-Partners guided the customer through organizational development for a smooth start-up process.

Consulting goals:
Establishing an efficient organizational structure that meets company objectives to enable successful entry into emerging markets.

Key findings:
Efficient Structure: Designed efficient organizational structure for quick decision making and collaboration without compromising efficiency.

Qualified Personnel: Recruited professionals with market insights who contributed significantly to the company's regional presence and growth.

Smooth onboarding process: Implemented comprehensive training programs for new employees to improve integration, adaptability, productivity and satisfaction.

Successful Market Entry: Established a strong presence through a well-designed structure, strategic talent acquisition and training and achieved objectives within the established time frame.

Coaching measures:
Change Management: Assisted with cultural transitions and adapting to local practices through coaching and support.

Leadership Development: Supported leaders in developing effective skills to operate in emerging markets.

Total solution:
SDC-Partners facilitated the establishment of a robust organizational structure and laid a solid foundation for the off-road OEM's entry into emerging markets.

SDC network support:
As project leader, SDC Partners provided guidance and leveraged an extensive network of industry experts for valuable insight and knowledge sharing.

Sustainable benefits for the customer:
The client now has an adaptable structure that can respond to market changes and attracting local talent ensures there is a skilled workforce that meets regional preferences. With a solid foundation, the off-road OEM is well positioned for long-term success in expanding its operations in emerging markets.

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